OPINION: Keeping justice on track

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The hearing held yesterday[Monday] for the wiretapping case which it is linked to a former president of the Republic, was preceded by a series of acts that call for reflection on the institutional framework that should prevail in such a serious case as this.

It was very clear yesterday that the prisoner was doing everything possible with all kinds of subterfuges, to avoid being prosecuted. He risked damage to his health by refusing to receive his medication exacerbating the chronic diseases he suffers. It is evident that this attitude does not have any another purpose than to evade the trial, which inevitably raises suspicions. Impartiality and knowledge shown by the judge of guarantees and the medical personnel of the Penitentiary System ensures that the process continues, in spite of the evident delays by the defendant's lawyers.

Is Martinelli innocent or guilty of what he is accused of? From what t we saw yesterday, the former president himself is the least interested in everything being clarified. However, if he does not want to, the victims of crime deserve to know who was ordered to spy on them and why.

That's the background of this case and it's where justice must stay on track… LA PRENSA, hoyporhoy June 26

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