OPINION: Impunity reigns with judicial abuse

556Views 2Comments Posted 17/09/2017

EACH PERSON  must be responsible for their actions or, at least, work within a compass of justice. However, in the last few years, a score of high-profile cases have been investigated without being called to trial. Only a few have reached sentence. According to some, the defenders are abusing the system with dilatory practices, which are accentuated when several are jointly prosecuted resulting in successive postpositions of audiences. Others blame the judges, who do not appoint public defenders to replace absent lawyers, although the law allows them to so in certain cases. The Baron de Montesquieu once said that "there is no more cruel tyranny than that perpetuated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice, "and his words remain valid. We cannot allow the argument that justice is being done with a failed ruling in which, under the cloak of the law, impunity is the rule.