OPINION: Homegrown enemies mock martyrs

Early protestors

The events of January 9 were remembered yesterday by some politicians who, in conclusion, made it clear that thanks to the heroic acts of the Panamanians who gave their lives or those who were wounded in the confrontation, Panama now has a sovereign country. Fifty-five years later, it is worth wondering how that sovereignty has been exploited in the territories transferred from the former Canal Zone. The greatest achievement was the return of the strip under US administration, including, of course, the Panama Canal, which, after 20 years, continues to be a national and international benchmark, the pride of all nationals. But our sovereignty has new enemies, who are not foreigners. They are from our own harvest, that has taken advantage to do business with the lands received or to obtain benefits because of the loss of facilities due to lack of initiative. Houses were distributed or bought at cost and some more violate the laws approved for their use. The recovery of our sovereignty is disrespected by unscrupulous politicians who place their interests above the people who paid their just claim with lives and blood.- LA PRENSA, Jan 10