OPINION: Fighting for a dream

7,194Views 0Comments Posted 23/01/2019

Mariano Rivera has entered the Baseball Hall of Fame. A humble fisherman from Puerto Caimito, who since his youth was characterized by his simplicity and commitment to work, has been recognized as a living legend. In 19 seasons in the Major Leagues, Mariano saved 652 games and won 5 World Series rings with his only team, the New York Yankees. His career began in Panamanian baseball, in which he took turns as a receiver and shortstop. When few thought he would arrive, he was signed at 19 years of age by the Bronx Bombers to be a pitcher. An athlete who at the same time remained a highly religious man, gave a great example as an athlete since in the age of steroids and doping, the excesses inside and outside the diamond were not part of his life. Today, Panama receives tens of thousands of young people to celebrate what the youth can do. In sport, Mariano Rivera and Rod Carew are the only Panamanians who have received the prestigious honor of being part of the Hall of Fame. Young fishermen, like peasants, masons, day laborers, and students, have the right to dream and the obligation to fight for their dreams. This is what Mariano did, the best closer of all time.-LA PRENSA, Jan.23