OPINION: Election sweetener  follows unpaid subsidy

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The decision of President Juan Carlos Varela to relax the solidarity bond for the purchase of the first home, so that it applies to all provincial capitals, eliminates a discriminatory element: the subsidy ceases to be an exclusive benefit for residents of the capital. On the other hand, the measure seems more aimed at sending an affectionate electoral message than having an important social or economic impact. Buyers of homes up to $ 60,000 already benefit from the preferential interest rate, with which the bond constitutes a second subsidy. As for the promoters, they maintain their dynamism in the segment, so that new measures to stimulate them would not be required at this time. There is a third reason why the seriousness of this presidential decision would be questionable: at present, the Government is behind in the recognition of the fiscal credits resulting from the granting of mortgages of preferential interest to the banks. In other words, it is not complying with a subsidy and is already committing to another- LA PRENSA, Jan. 18

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