OPINION: An Opportunity  for Panama justice to regain trust

Martinelli fugitive offspring

The middle phase of the [Ricardo Martinelli] wiretapping case is about to conclude. Despite the upsets of yesterday, the magistrate judge of guarantees, Jerónimo Mejía, made important rulings on the admission of the evidence presented by the defense of the former president of the Republic. We are close to a decisive decision in this process. The plenary of the Supreme Court of Justice must be aware of the historical moment that the country is facing. Here there is no worthwhile evasion.  Even if they reject the case to a lower court, the judicial remedies will maintain control of the issue. The magistrates of the Supreme Court have been seriously questioned for their judgments and their behavior as a collective. The wiretapping case of punctures is an opportunity to show courage and above all, integrity, aspects that the Judicial Body has been greatly lacking. What happens in the United States with the sons of the former president reiterates the challenge of the Panamanian justice system: to win back the legitimacy respect and trust of society and the international community. – LA PRENSA, Nov. 22