OPINION: A Declaration of Cowardice

The Supreme Court of Justice is kidnapped by vested interests, which have nothing to do with the correct administration of disputes and litigation in Panama. Yesterday, for example, a plenary session dominated by alternate magistrates demonstrated how willing the country's top arbiters are to submit, on their knees, the legal logic and institutional framework. The foolish insistence on committing a legal nonsense, as is the declinatory of the competition, and the even more absurd declaration of nullity of what was done by the magistrate Jerónimo Mejía, reveals the perfidious intentions hidden among the togas of the Palacio Gil Ponce. The entire country is hostage to legal insecurity, in the hands of magistrates who are willing to leave honor, integrity, and reason for unknown reasons, but which generate a repugnant suspicion. If their collusion is successful, the story will be in charge of putting them in their proper place. Today, the country dawns uneasily because we already know that we have an illegitimate and cowardly Supreme Court. They could do a favor to their true boss, the nation, and make their positions available since doing justice is a task that is obviously alien to them. -LA PRENSA, Dec. 7

In what should be an ordinary meeting of all the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice to decide the issues that are of their knowledge, we Panamanians will have a showcase for us to see how power conflicts are resolved in the “center of the world, heart of the universe “. With the absence of five main magistrates, the plenary of the Supreme Court will examine the arguments for and against the declinatory case of Ricardo Martinelli. Will the warning given months ago by the interim president of the Court to the Attorney General be finalized? The declinatory is not only an unlawful act, but is a declaration of cowardice and an acknowledgment that there can be no justice in Panama. It is a fiction to think that a lower court can assume, in good faith, the overwhelming burden of the dozens of defense lawyers, who will drown him with resources, while the defendant makes his multiple electoral campaigns. If the case has not been resolved, to win a deputation on May 5, 2019, on July 1 will return to the Court. Is that the uncertain future that Panama’s justice deserves? The full Court will decide today.-LA PRENSA, December 6