OPINION: A Declaration of Cowardice

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In what should be an ordinary meeting of all the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice to decide the issues that are of their knowledge, we Panamanians will have a showcase for us to see how power conflicts are resolved in the "center of the world, heart of the universe ". With the absence of five main magistrates, the plenary of the Supreme Court will examine the arguments for and against the declinatory case of Ricardo Martinelli. Will the warning given months ago by the interim president of the Court to the Attorney General be finalized? The declinatory is not only an unlawful act, but is a declaration of cowardice and an acknowledgment that there can be no justice in Panama. It is a fiction to think that a lower court can assume, in good faith, the overwhelming burden of the dozens of defense lawyers, who will drown him with resources, while the defendant makes his multiple electoral campaigns. If the case has not been resolved, to win a deputation on May 5, 2019, on July 1 will return to the Court. Is that the uncertain future that Panama's justice deserves? The full Court will decide today.-LA PRENSA, December 6


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George Klk

PANAMA | Factors: Fear the loss re-election, control of government, money... Panama Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the former president Ricardo Martinelli may be swayed by the election votes of the National Assembly. Panama S.C.J. may be pressured by the battery of defense attorneys of Ricardo Martinelli. P.S.C.J. may not want the government to be controlled by the people. P.S.C.J may fear backlash from their own hidden crimes. P.S.C.J. may unravel years of shameful clandestine crimes. Panama (key and crises solution) with the Supreme Court Justices....answer? …Precedence...Precedence...Precedence...Precedence... It is remarkably surprising how this one word has not been used by the Panama Supreme Court Justice to regulate with normalcy the whole process!

7 months ago
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