Noriega set for trial in France

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Manuel  Antonio Noriega, the former Panama dictator, and one time darling of the CIA seems likely to be heading to France to face charges of money laundering. 

He served 15years in a US prison for drug trafficking, following the 1989 US invasion of Panama.

His attorney  Frank Rubino said"He has exhausted his legal options. and must go to France."

Noriega was convicted in the U.S. in 1992 for drug trafficking, a sentence that ended in September 2007 but has since remained in a Miami jail pending the resolution of whether he should be sent to France or Panama. 

In France he is accused of money laundering, for allegedly buying an apartment 22 years ago with funds obtained through drug trafficking activities, according to Rubino. 

In Panama he is accused of corruption and was sentenced to 15 to 20 years in prison for the murder of Hugo Spadafora and Major Moises Giroldi,

 His lawyers appealed to the US Supreme Court arguing that  he should be returned to Panama rather than sent to France. The Supreme Court refused Monday to hear his case even though, one justice said, it could help to clarify the legal rights of Guantanamo terrorism suspects.

Noriega’s lawyers claimed that he should be treated as a prisoner of war.

President, Ricardo Martinelli, said that the extradition of the former dictator  to France depends solely on the United States Government.


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