All night lines for flu vaccines

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THOUSANDS of people lined up at health centers  across the country  to receive vaccinations against the  H1N1 influenza virus which has already claimed the lives of 23 people.

People  in some regions like Chorrera arriving at 2 am  Sunday June 19,  were surprised to find a  line ahead of them which had been forming since 11.30 pm on  Saturday

At other  centers which had vaccines for 500 people ,  by  6.30 am Sunday lines appeared endless say media reports, and few of the people in line appeared to be  in the recommended  priority groups, children under 5 or adults over 60 years of age, orthose  suffering from chronic illness.

In  Ministry of Health centers in Mayor Diaz, San Isidro and Pueblo Nuevo, where children, youths and adults lined up National Police officers stood watching

Educational and health authorities have reiterated that classes have not been suspended following the epidemiological alert issued due to the increasing number of severe acute respiratory infections. With hundreds of people hospitalized.

Between Saturday and Sunday about 6,000 shots were applied in the vaccination centers in the Parque  Omar, district of San Francisco.

President Juan Carlos Varela said that on Monday June 20 another batch of 700,000 shots will arrive.  The vaccination  is recommended by the World Health Organization and acquired through the Vaccine Fund of the Pan American Health Organization, according to the Panama Government