Navarro resigns as PRD leader

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JUAN CARLOS NAVARRO, former presidential candidate, announced Thursday July 3, his resignation as general secretary of the National Executive Committee (CEN)of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD).

 Navarro, who won office in 2012, announced his resignation via his Twitter account. " Minutes later the PRD issued a formal letter of resignation from Navarro.

According to Navarro, who came in third in the presidential election on May 4 "as soon as the election results were known that same week: “I sent my resignation to the National Executive Committee of the PRD, a large number of candidates, delegates, national directors, representatives and elected mayors, as well as all of my colleagues in the CEN, the National Steering Counvil, our bloc of deputies and a host of friends including Martin Torrijos, Samuel Lewis, Balbina Herrera and Nito Cortizo, asked me to please reconsider and I stayed two months.” This allowed him to negotiate an agreement with the Panameñista party for control of the National Assembly.


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