Navarro plans second presidential shot

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JUAN CARLOS NAVARRO. former two-term Panama Mayor and  2009 failed presidential candidate is ready to throw his hat back into what promises to be a very crowded ring for the chance to inhabit the Palace of Las Garzas.

During his last campaign, he was plagued with reports of meetings and business ties with ex-president Ricardo Martinelli.

On  Monday, November 20 he announced on Twitter that he will compete in the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) primary “to take Panama forward".

Should he be elected he would have only a short walk from his home in Plaza de Francia to the presidential palace.

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How was he as Mayor?

Last year

They always vote for the crood who promises the most free stuff instead of voting for education. Sad.

Last year

I’ve come to accept it probably matters little who gets to be the leader. The people ultimately get the government they deserve and they are getting less deserving with each new generation

Last year
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