MUSICALION: A free festival of music and dance

Cats opens six days of free entertainment .

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MUSICALION a six-day free cultural feast of music and dance begins on Tuesday, February 27  with the sixth Festival in the Parque Omar amphitheater.

The popular entertainment promoted by Madelaine Leignadier and Ricardo Velásquez, under the umbrella of the Aria Foundation, is aimed at strengthening the performing arts and providing cultural entertainment alternatives to city families in the summer season.

Each night has a theme from theater, dance, film,  and music.  The price of admission is a folding chair or mat to sit on. Each show starts at 7 pm.

The festival kicks off with Cats, a renowned musical that will be presented by producers Gina Cochez and Beatriz González,  who promise that the work will have the same quality as a theater performance. with the same actors that were in the 2017 theater presentation.

Cats will be followed by nights that pay homage to dance and ballet, Hollywood blockbuster music, electronic rhythms, symphonic music, national rock.

 On Wednesday, Feb.28 The National Ballet of Panama will repeat  its 45th anniversary show More Than Love  adapted for  Musicalion

The corps de ballet will increase from 30 to more than 60, with students from four foundations and seven private academies invited to be part of the major dance performance.

The National will present three emblematic pieces, introduced by the Cuban choreographer  Luis Blanco: Tribute to Saint-Saëns, Accents and Psalms.

One of the participants in the evening is the Espacio Creativo Foundation (FEC), which will provide two of its star students: José Garrido and Valentina Marín who will dance  A Body in Doubt, authored by Analida Galindo, with music by Ezio Bosso.  Garrido will perform Catching the Dream, created by himself with music by Kaleo.

Melissa Gaona and Solieh Samudio, winners at the beginning of the year of a competition (Ballet Beyond Borders) in Missoula, Montana, will be participating.

The activity starts with the voices of Ingrid de Ycaza and Manuel Corredera performing the film theme  A million Dreams. While Gramo Danse dancers will give a visual touch to the music with their aerial dance show

[caption id="attachment_81388" align="alignright" width="275"] Ricardo Velasquez[/caption]

The night closes with the baritone Ricardo Velásquez, who will sing   Volo Más Que Amor, the theme for the integration of all the dance companies.

The festival continues with:

Thursday, March 1: The soundtracks of enchanted princes and princesses.

Friday, March 2: The night will be filled with electronic music with top DJ's in Illusions

Saturday, March 3: You can enjoy a relaxing morning with Yoga & Chill Out at 7:00 am.

Sunday, March 4: The closing concert with the  Panama Symphony Orchestra playing great hits of salsa, rock, and the urban genre of Panama.


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