Mossack Fonseca pot still on the boil

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 NAMES  of those involved in the Odebrecht bribery scandal are being revealed in Brazil through the broadcasting of videoed confessions of the key company malefactors.

With  Panama’s banking “paradise” accused of playing a key role in the movement of bribes, and the Panama Papers revelations still causing waves around the world, law firm Mossack Fonseca (MF), still looms large in upcoming actions.

On Tuesday, April 18, Attorney General Kenia Porcell, revealed that “more persons will be linked to the related investigation for alleged criminal activities of MF in the Lava Jato operation in Brazil.

She said the _Prosecutors Against Organized Crime in charge  Rómulo Bethancourt and Ricaurter González are in Curitiba, Brazil, to Obtain more information and strengthen the investigation.

Ramón Fonseca Mora and Jürgen Mossack, founders of the firm, as well as Edison Teano and lawyer María Mercedes Riano have been in preventive detention since February. At the time of his arrest. Fonseca railed publicly about President Juan Carlos Varela, for whom he was previously a personal advisor. He has been silent since.

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