More habeas corpus pleas for Martinelli

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Lawyers wanting a say in the Ricardo Martinelli wire-tapping case keep appearing like moths around a  fading candle flame for a few minutes of fame.

Yet another habeas corpus in favor of the jailed ex-president has been presented to Panama’s Supreme Court. this time not from his team of high-end lawyers whose best shots have failed to move the plenary but from two – so far unknowns Jorge Alberto Ceballos Rodríguez and Catalino Rosas who presented their plea in a personal capacity, hoping perhaps for a lucky roll of the die.

Their bid is added to another habeas corpus filed by an Italian, citizen in favor of the former president. and will further overload a court already struggling with cases stretching back months, or even years

Martinelli is currently detained in El Renacer prison, within the process followed by the alleged commission of crimes against the inviolability of secrecy and the right to privacy, and embezzlement.

It is unknown if any of these people are linked to Martinelli's legal team. On June 21, the plenary of the Court

rejected two habeas corpus for  Martinelli: one presented by the lawyer Roberto Rudas Herazo and another by the jurist Jaime Marchosky.

The provisional detention of Martinelli was ordered on December 21, 2015, by the plenary of the Supreme Court which on June 19  this year ratified the precautionary measure.

Martinelli was extradited from the United States on June 11, after a year behind bars and several failed attempts to avoid returning to face justice since then he has been in El Renacer.

On November 19 a hearing will be resumed in which the judge of guarantees Jerónimo Mejía will decide if the ex-ruler will be prosecuted for allegedly ordering the spying on the communications of at least 150 people, using personnel and equipment of the National Security Council. Fiscal magistrate Harry Diaz is asking for a 21-year prison sentence.

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Not long ago you were predicting Martinelli would never spend a day in a Panamanian jail.

7 months ago

Good comments yes the animal ex presudent and his family are just pure disfiguring fat evil crooks let's see other cases against him

7 months ago
Richard Charron

I only wish I was 20 years younger so I could live long enough to see him either be prosecuted and permanently jailed, or die in prison. It appears it will take at least that long to finalize this.

7 months ago
George Klk

PANAMA | EX-PRESIDENT MARTINELLI THE NEW WANNABEE HOUDINI Martinelli Houdini the 66 year old vomiter wanabe Mayor had his 30 days in the box. Martinelli wannabe Houdini the master escape artist tried the yacht sunset escape. Martinelli did not have enough powerful friends and cleverness. Martinelli did not plan thoroughly with close might have got him killed. Why? $$$$…$$$...$$$... Martinelli must have realized with money comes murder, so he ran in haste. How did he survive? With protection all around him, batteries of lawyers and blackmail threats. Mafia's were never able to fight a legitimate nation's government. Martinelli's son in hiding why? $$$...$$$...$$$... Martinelli's sons are now taking after their father's footsteps. Martinelli's sons are in hiding...Houdini Brazil's Odebrecht? National Assembly and secret money transfers and...president Varela? National Assembly nepotism and arbitrary request for vast sums of $$$. China's flag at Amador entrance to Panama canal...president Varela? Panama new Cuba trade relations, weapons in sacks of sugar...president Varela? Does Panama forget the 1989 invasion? Does Panama forget Martinelli "the boss", suit case of $$$. Does Panama forget the "Panama Papers". Does Panama forget National Assembly? Will Panama allow Brazil's Odebrecht business as usual? Will Panama forgive president Varela China flag at Amador? Panama president Varela yacht awaits him in the sunset away in the U.S.A. See the Pattern? Panama president looks tired lately and appears to anticipate a long... get away vacation!

7 months ago
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