Minibus passengers - 598 cocaine packs

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Uniformed National Police at a checkpoint in Sabanitas were checking the driving license of a mini-bus driver with no visible passengers who was acting suspiciously on Saturday afternoon September 15 when he took off.

They found the bus in the parking lot of a mini-super with its abandoned passengers ... 10 suitcases containing  598 packages of cocaine.

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michael grosser

"when he took off" did anyone think of chasing him? That's some fine law enforcement. Ol Barney Fife would sure be proud. So that "checkpoint "was there for what??? jajajajjja (ps. he started out with 600 "packages") What is a "package" in Panama.. a gram, a kilo, etc.....excellent job of reporting. Panama sounds pretty laid back.... epecially if you are a murderer/rapist/robber or a drug trafficker. Good job guys. CUDOS all around....

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