Metro Bus accumulates $338 million subsidy

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PANAMA’S METRO bus system has received $338 million from the State  in the last three years to keep fares at 25 cents while poor service continues to drive passengers to pirate buses.

The subsidy , which comes from the budget of the Transport Authority (ATTT), was $93 million, in 2016,  $106 million in 2015 and  $139 million in 2014, according to data accessed by El Siglo.

This year the ATTT will pay $141 million in subsidy to Mi Bus, a company currently managed by First Transit.

President Juan Carlos Varela bought the shares of the Metrobús at a cost of $ 49.7 million through the company Metro de Panamá S.A, but user representatives at the ATTT continue to complain of long waits for buses and say they still do not see the improvements that were promised with the purchase and the public continues to pay more to use pirate buses because of lack of frequency failure.


Mi Bussays  that it is advancing the 'Stabilization' plan with  three necessities: frequency and coverage of service; security and trust, and improved  communication Company-Client-Employee.

This year 490 buses of different sizes will be added to to the 1,236 metro buses that are currently in service

To have the service desired by the users, 2,000 buses and 3,100 operators are required and there are currently 2,800 drivers, says  Mi Bus manager Alfonso Peñedo.

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