Goodbye to good care hustlers

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PANAMA City Mayor  Jose Isobel Blandón told TVN 2 on Wednesday, August  16,  that he is still  working on ridding  Panama  of bien cuidaos  (the annoying hustlers  who rent out gaps between cars parked on city streets with a promise to keep an eye on them). He said that they have discovered that constant vigilance is required to control the situation.

[caption id="attachment_74686" align="alignleft" width="275"] Mayor Blandon[/caption]

A pilot plan to retrain those who plagued Casco Viejo still has some working in the Mayor's Office , others in private companies, but others have resurfaced in the old city

There were also cases of some who "did not understand that it was a job and thought that it was a botella [a paid post with no work attached] and they were dismissed," said Blandon.

Others still working the streets were fined. Those who did not pay the fine were shipped to the Tinajitas  lock up

Blandin reiterated that the  bien cuidao trade " is illegal and said that starting in October,  a video surveillance system will be in place