Martinelli wiretapping hearing resumes Friday

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The  Supreme Court hearing into the alleged wiretapping of over 150 Panamanians during the Ricardo Martinelli administration resumes on Friday, September 14 before the judge of guarantees, Jerónimo Mejía who will decide on the admission or denial of evidence presented by the prosecution and defense.

Meanwhile, the Martinell defense team continues to unearth fresh diversionary moves and seeks bail for their billionaire client, detained since June 11 in El Renacer prison, after being extradited from the United States.

They argue that he deserves bail on health grounds. They also claim that their client has family and business ties in Panama and therefore, does not represent a flight risk.

Carlos Herrera Morán, attorney for complainant Mauro Zúñiga, said that the Court cannot give Martinelli bail because he has all the financial resources to get out of the process and leave the country, as he already did when he fled to the USA.

Herrera Morán explained that a federal judge in the United States denied bail to the former president when he was detained in Miami during the extradition process. He said that on that occasion he was denied bail because of the immense resources that he has and the danger of flight that this represents reports La Prensa.

On Friday, the prosecuting magistrate  Harry Diaz, who is calling for a 21-year jail term, must refute the objections made by lawyer Carlos Carrillo, the only member of Martinelli's defense who had access to the transcripts of the wiretaps.

During a  press conference on Sunday, September 9 the  Martinelli team of lawyers announced that they will file criminal complaints against the head of the National Security Council (CSN), Rolando López; the  Attorney General Kenia Porcell; and members of the  National Police involved in the alleged threats made to witnesses Jaime Agrazal, Ronny Rodríguez and Izabel Stanziola.  Martinelli lawyer Alejandro Pérez said that in addition o the criminal complaints they will request a $120 million civil remedy.

Pérez referred to the retraction of former CSN official Jaime Agrazal during the hearing followed by the former heads of the CSN Gustavo Pérez and Alejandro Garuz in the wiretapping case in the Sixteenth Criminal Court.

The lawyer said that there is a video spread by social networks, in which Ronny Rodríguez, an ex-member of the CSN, claims to have been subjected to pressure and coercion by Rolando López, CSN officials, and the Public Ministry. Rodriguez has not appeared in the process and is on the run.


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