Martinelli wants to turn the page on Attorney General's conviction

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Panama's president Ricardo Martinelli, bellieved by some commentators and politicians to be the moving force behind the trial and conviction of former Attorney General, Ana Matilde Gomez has, issued a call to "turn the page" on the case. 

He was speaking on Thursday (August 12). The night before, at the end of a day long trial, she had been sentenced to six months in prison "for abuse of authority and overstepping functions, while wire tapping a prosecutor being investigated for  allegedly accepting bribes.

During a ceremony in San Miguelito, the President said he had "nothing to do" with the sentence against Gomez, given by the judges of the Supreme Court.

He said the court existed regardless of state powers and dismissed accusations made by Gomez that the sentence was received as a result of not accepting the orders of the Executive Body. "

"She can talk a lot" Martinelli said "It's easy to blame others"

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