Martinelli bail hearing on Sep.10

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The hearing to discuss bail for former President Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014) for the case of illegal wiretapping was postponed on Thursday, August 13 at the request of the complainants and will be held on September 10.

"At the request of a complaint, a hearing before the Supreme Court of the CSJ (Supreme Court of Justice) is suspended, where a bail of release and a de facto appeal, which was presented in the case through telephone interventions, will be rescinded and reprogrammed for the September 10, at 9 am, "said the Judicial Branch on Twitter.

The plaintiffs and alleged victims of the wiretaps were not going to be able to attend because they had other commitments.

The Supreme Court had already postponed until  August 29 the resumption of the intermediate hearing, at the end of which the judge of guarantees, Judge Jerónimo Mejías, must decide whether to send  Martinelli to trial. With the prosecutor calling for a 21-year jail term.

The defense of 66-year-old Martinelli, claims he is innocent and a victim of political persecution. He has other corruption cases open.

Last week the wiretapping case was shaken by the denunciation of Attorney General, Kenia Porcell, of a supposed blackmail of the interim president of the Supreme Court, Hernán De León, to allegedly manipulate the case.


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Roy B.

Can anyone say "Flight Risk"?

3 years ago
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