Lost high profile files judge on trial

Felipe Fuentes,

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The trial of a  controversial  suspended judge who “lost” files related to Financial Pacific (FP) and, the alleged center of a network of shady deals  involving high profile figures  and the disappearance or death of an investigator  is entering its fourth day

The judge Felipe Fuentes, is on trial for the alleged violation of public seals, after the loss of FP files,

The case originated on January 15, when a citizen found in the area of Loma Cova, Arraiján, a yellow envelope containing the documents related to a Financial Pacific Case involving Ricardo Martinelli. The Public Ministry initiated investigations on January 16.

The files were in the custody of Fuentes, who was the seventh judge of the Criminal Circuit. Fuentes remains under the precautionary measure of separation from the position.

Fuentes has survived as a judge despite previous controversies like ordering the release from prison of a supposed leader of a criminal gang

In November 2005 he was accused of abuse of authority and violation of the duties of public servants. According to a ruling under the then Supreme Court magistrate Graciela Dixon, Judge Fuentes violated the and appropriated two outboard motors.

In May 2009 he was accused of corruption in the Public Prosecutor's Office. After the results of the audits ordered by the Supreme Court, there were reported failures in the controls of the books and folios of his office, inaccuracies in the information of the files and non-compliance in procedures to convert days of fines into prison sentences

The anti-corruption prosecutor, Ruth Morcillo, said Thursday, November 22 that three witnesses of the Prosecutor's Office and between four and five of the defense have yet to testify, in the oral trial

Morcillo explained that six experts must also appear at the trial, which began last Wednesday, November 21.

The prosecutor avoided giving more information about her allegations since she could use them when she has to present her conclusions.

The Public Ministry has requested a sentence of 38 months in prison. as the main penalty.

Among the documents were six booklets of the FP case, related to the investigation for the

alleged use of privileged information to manipulate the stock market through the High Spirit account belonging to Ricardo Martinelli

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