Lamborghini owner on $600 a month

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How a 70-year-old with a monthly income of $600 can own a  Llamborghini valued at $300,000  is a mystery that may be solved this week at a hearing on seizure of assets of those under investigation in the Los Galleros (Fighting cocks) drug investigation in La Villa de Los Santos.

Defendants will have to support with evidence and invoices each of the vehicles, the houses and a garden seized by the Public Prosecutor during  a raidon the mayor’s office.

Of the 11 defendants, six are in preventive detention; and the prosecution has appealed for the detention of three more.

The hearing is scheduled for Friday, Oct.6  in Plaza Ágora.

Among those accused are Manuel Esteban Salazas Sánchez, an agent of the National Police and Major Luis Omar Álvarez Martínez,; Mayor Santeño Eudocio "Pany" Pérez;    lawyer Eduardo Vásquez, the mayor’s  assistant and president of the Carnaval Board  who is under  house arrest; and  the alleged head  of the drug trafficking, gang, Manuel Antonio Domínguez Walker, who had a monthly income of $7,000 selling and exporting fighting cocks

Others charged are Walker’sright-hand man Luis Alberto Chávez Chen, 35, who is independent with a monthly salary of $5,000 and Roxana Norato, 32, a law student whose monthly income is $4,000 reports Mi Diario.