Independent candidates  challenge corrupt system

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Panamanian democracy has taken a big step in the ordering of the candidatures to positions of popular election by the free postulation. Our political system is not only worn out; It is also deeply corrupt. The movement for free postulation is an alternative that, although it has its ups and downs, represents an outlet for the impositions of the political class. Those who have chosen to seek an independent candidacy will have an enormous responsibility towards their constituents and it is good that they know the reason why they have been elected. And it is nothing more than the fatigue that citizens feel against unscrupulous politicians; who believe they are above the law; who refuse to give an account; who maintain a constant influence peddling; who sponsor impunity; that they do not care about everything, except to fill their pockets; who are corrupt ... These temptations are those that must be renounced by those who truly want to be independent. But it must also be said that those who aspire to be candidates in this way face obstacles that traditional politicians do not have and that without the support of a party it is much more difficult to become a viable alternative. That is why it will be necessary that in the next reforms to the Electoral Code include important changes so that the so-called independent can compete on equal terms with the candidates of the political parties. This is the opportunity to end the political monopoly – LA PRENSA. Jan. 12

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