Illegal cosmetic surgery death may be manslaughter

668Views 2Comments Posted 02/10/2017

PERSONAL INJURY charges against three foreigners following the death of a cosmetic surgery patient could be upgraded to manslaughter, depending on an autopsy report.

. The three are in detention pending an Oct .3 appeal and are also charged with the illegal exercise of the profession by performing invasive treatments in a cosmetic clinic.

The victim who remained in a coma, died on September 29,  after the application of rejuvenating vitamin treatment in the supposed aesthetic clinic.

The Prosecutor said that forensic experts have to determine the causes of death of the victim and stated that it is not ruled out that a reclassification of the case can be carried out for manslaughter.

The investigations show, that the investigated doctor and the supposed nurses do not have the Ministry of Health, certifications. According to information gathered, the alleged physician said that he was a general practitioner, graduated in Argentina, but there is no documentation to certify it, but if true, is not suitable for practising medicine in Panama says the prosecutor.

In a raid on the clinic, a large number of expired drugs were found and it was without sanitary registration and did not meet biosecurity standards.