Homicides down 28% in 2015

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PANAMA HOMICIDES fell 28%  in 2015, a de crease of 182 from the 2014 total of 631. 

The “improved” figure still means that 445 people died including  42 femicides according to El Siglo. 125  of the killings  were gang related followed by robbery 60.

There was one death every  18 hours, and Sunday killings (83) led the way.

Chiriqui moved up  blood stained chart with  42 dead,  8 more than in 2014,   while in Colon  the 46  murders were 47 less than the previous year. According to authorities, the key  factors were  of death were: a new police chief, the dismantling of a criminal network that had penetrated the Public Ministry and the capture of several gang members.

In San Miguelito  85 were killed in 2015.