Hitch with access to bribery confessions

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IF PANAMA doesn’t grant immunity to Odebrecht and its former employees, it likely won’t have access to confessions naming those involved locally in the mega  bribery scandal.

 Rodrigo Janot, attorney general of Brazil, has asked the Federal Supreme Court to maintain the confidentiality of all the evidence contained in the agreement signed with Odebrecht.

This was revealed Monday  in a circular letter to the heads of public ministries and prosecutors of the countries interested in receiving cooperation in cases brought against Odebrecht, including Panama.

Janot justifies his decision by  the fact that, on June 1, if the confidentiality of the evidence is lifted, investigations by several countries could be prejudiced.

Janot has refused to share information with countries that have not extended immunity to Odebrecht officials who testified in Brazil. Panama has not been able to offer immunity because its laws dictate that plea bargains can only be reached after a person has admitted guilt.

On Monday, Domincan Republic prosecutors charged more than a dozen people in the case based on statements made by company officials. The government of that country extended immunity to both Odebrecht and its former employees.

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