Health Alert,Ministry pulls blood pressure pill from shelves

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THE MINISTRY of Health (Minsa) has issued an alert about the use of a medication manufactured in India, which has been widely used by The Social Security  System (CSS) in the treatment of hypertension.

The Ministry suspended the use and commercialization of Lisinopril USP (20 milligrams), on Wednesday, Jan. 3 after the National Directorate of Pharmacies and Drugs warned that the provider did not comply with some requirements when requesting the renewal of the sanitary registration.

The drug is manufactured by Aurochem Pharmaceutical (I) PVT, LTD, India.

CSS's national deputy director of Logistics, Simón Zotillo told  a press conference that the

institution will withdraw the medicine from the pharmacies of executing units and look for other options to meet the demand.

"That provider has been supplying us in previous periods and was predicted to deliver us

until 2020. But, in this situation, we are making adjustments to the internal level of the

institution, "he said.

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