Gasoline up 7 cents a gallon

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GASOLINE  prices will rise  by 7 cents a gallon   on Friday December 23, says the National Secretariat of Energy.

95 octane gasoline will be sold at $ 0.745 a liter. It Currently sells at $ 0.726.

In gallons , the 95 octane will increase $ 0.07.

from $ 2.75 to $ 2.82.

Meanwhile, 91 octane gasoline will be on sale at   $0.708 a liter. (currently$ 0.689).

In gallons, the 91-octane will also go up $ 0.07. from $ 2.61 which is in the

to $ 2.68 a gallon.

Diesel will also rise. From $ 0.608 a liter to $ 0.629. a liter.  In gallons

the price increases $ 0.08 from $ 2.30 to $ 2.38.

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When a country imports every drop of oil they are subject to world oil prices . Panama does a good job of regulating it so the people dont get screwed and the dealers can make a living .too bad it falls just before Christmas but it is always set on a friday .nothing stopping people from filling up a day early

4 years ago
Ramona Panama

Merry Christmas for the fat-cats controlling the oil imports!!!!! Just in time to catch all the poor people who are trying to get "home" for Christmas. And they never let them know so they can fill up the night before. Panamá is getting more and more like the US of A.

4 years ago
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