Fourth Carnival traffic death, tight security in Panama city

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[caption id="attachment_68580" align="alignleft" width="300"] Culeco celebrants[/caption]

THE FOURTH  Carnival weekend  traffic death was registered when  a 31-year-old man was killed Saturday morning. Feb. 25 in the Montijo sector Veraguas  province  after losing control of his vehicle, colliding with a fixed object and overturning.

Until  noon 121 accidents has been listed, one including a serious injury.

The  1,378 traffic tickets handed out included 122

for speeding, and  13 for proven drunkenness with

87 vehicles towed.

The National Civil Protection System had a of 756 people including 700 lifeguards  on duty in  49 zones of rivers and beaches.

Lifeguards raised the red flags because of  turbidity levels - in the Punta Peña, El Silencio in Bocas del Toro and a  precautionary yellow flags on Red Frog beach in Bocas del Toro  El Arenal in Los Santos, Reina and Arrimadero in Veraguas.

Meanwhile in Panama City there was tight police security on the Cinta Costera as thousands of celebrants  moved to the carnival site for their annual “culeco” soaking as they danced and drank.

Panama’s Carnival celebrations are reflected each year  in