Flags fly as taxis gouge

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FLAGS of over 50 Nations represented at World Youth Day were hoisted on Panama’s Cinta Costera on Monday January 21, and others were seen in the streets of the capital as pilgrims strolled the streets.

By early evening there was only one police report of a robbery of a pilgrim (by a minor in Tocumen) but multiple reports of gouging by taxi drivers circulated on social media.

Photo shows President Juan Carlos Varela and Vice-president and Chancellor Isabel Saint Malo.

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The rates are posted online here http://www.transito.gob.pa/tarifa-taxis Of course there is no real recourse if the drivers don't follow them as ATTT is ineffectual at best. I prefer Uber

7 months ago
Ramona Rhoades

Taxis should be required to post rates in every taxi. Years ago they posted rates in the media and I printed out a copy back in 2007. Drastically changed rates now.

7 months ago

the goverment should post taxi rates in the news because there are a few honest drivers but not many

7 months ago
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