Financial Pacific director loses bail bid

West Valdes

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West Valdés a director of the now-defunct Financial Pacific (FP) brokerage will continue his stay in El Renacer prison awaiting trial in an, aggravated fraud case, to the detriment of Caye International Bank.

Through his lawyer, Valdés filed an appeal after the 12th Court denied him bail on October 31 of last year.

The Second Court upheld the decision of the court and denied bail because he is pending a preliminary hearing and also warned that Valdés left the country, although he knew of the process against. Him.

The Second Court ruling was issued on December 28.

The case arose after Caye International Bank, registered in Belize - filed a complaint because it could not recover the money invested in Financial Pacific (FP) after the brokerage was intervened by the Superintendence of Securities Market (SMV) ) in  2012 and that ended with a forced liquidation due to financial mismanagement.

The damage to the bank is estimated at more than $12 million.

Valdés has been detained since January 23, 2017, when he was seized by Interpol at the Santiago de los Caballeros airport in the Dominican Republic, after photos and a video of the marriage ceremony he contracted in the Caribbean country with Berena. Bozzi circulated on social networks,

He is also involved in the case of alleged embezzlement in the loan of $30 million which was given by the Caja De Ahorro State  Savings Bank for the construction of the Amador Convention Center.

The name of FP appears in many corruption-related cases involving high profile figures including ex-president Ricardo Martinelli.


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