Fake news on Panama-based US action nixed

Eric Estrada

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An audio with information related to the presence and purpose of US Southern Command forces in Panama circulating in Social Media on  Tuesday, January 8  led to a press conference, when the director of the National Border Service (Senafront), confirmed the presence of troops and explained the functions they are performing.

Eric Estrada said there is a bi-national cooperation project between the Senafront and the Southern Command, where the latter will be supporting the transfer of heavy materials to different points in the province of Darién, where Panamanian border workers are present.

"We have to take advantage of the summer season to improve our containment capabilities against drug trafficking... We are moving some materials to be able to provide welfare and coexistence conditions to our units to do an effective job in very complex situations," said Estrada.

The operations in Panamanian territory will be developed in two phases: from January 4 to 14 and from February 19 to March 2.

The fake audio that circulated as a chain in groups on WhatsApp spoke of US troops preparing for military action in Venezuela. Information that was classified as false by Panamanian authorities.

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just because the military denies an action, doesn't mean it is not happening. how is the actual explanation any better, or different from the rumored one? some big operation is happening "to improve our containment capabilities against drug trafficking ". in this version, the gov't has made unjustified laws allowing them to criminalize people for harming no one, and is now using those laws as an excuse to militarize. perhaps it is just a cover to prepare for military action in Venezuela? at best it is an excuse to arrest people for doing what has been acceptable from the beginning of time.

5 months ago
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