Explosion victims may remain homeless

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It may be months before residents of an apartment building in Carrasquilla damaged by an explosion and a fire know if they can return.

The Fire Department and Civil protection  agency (sinaproc) and technical teams continue to investigate the causes of the explosion in the Eden No. 2 apartment  building, while the Technical Board of the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects (SPIA) says that tenants will have to wait between  at least two to three months to know if they can  to see if they can occupy the building   said Gustavo Adolfo Bernal, president of the board.

The Technical Board, the National System of Civil Protection (Sinaproc) and the Technological University of Panama are part of the team that must do the studies of the structure.

"Certain tests  must be done to ensure that the installation complies with the gas seal, with the security of affected apartments and even protect those who have not been directly affected, "said Bernal,

“The firefighters are still investigating the causes of the strong gas explosion  The deflagration hit part of the elevator, which is a duct that connects all the floors, so you have to check all the floors.”

The engineers will tell us if the building is still habitable or not, "said Esterito De Frías, of the Fire Brigade.

The explosion occurred when the owner of the apartment opened the door. He was burned on  70% of his body and is hospitalized. His wife, who was inside the apartment,  had minor injuries.