Ex President interrogated on money laundering charges

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Ex President Ernesto Perez Balladares appeared on Tuesday, March 23, before the Special Prosecutor for Organized Crime for questioning in a case of alleged money laundering.

Balladares who was known as “El Toro” (the Bull), created history when he became the first former leader in Panama to be placed under house arrest.

He arrived at the prosecutor’s office with his wife Dora Boyd de Perez Balladares and  told local media he will clarify everything about the case and denied he had ever done anything illegal.
Balladares is also scheduled to appear in court on June28 to face a criminal libel charge over an article he wrote in La Prensa in 2005, including comments on  former Comptroller Alvin Weeden.whom he allegedly accused of money laundering.
 The column was titled "A response to Bobby Eisenmann."
Alternate Judge Josephine Sclopis said the article made allegations that Weeden committed the crime of money laundering, and that it "used derogatory and insulting expressions."


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