Ethiopian and Venezuelan tops in Panama marathon

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ETHIOPIAN  runner  Hunde Gezahegn,34, was first to cross the finishing line in the 41st Panama Marathon on Sunday, November 26 in 2 hours, 23 minutes and 25 seconds.

His compatriot Luka Chelino, arrived one minute later followed by Cuban Richer Pérez (2h, 26m, 18s) and Panamanian  Saturnino Camacho, (2h, 31m, 23s). Camacho’s time was close to the local record set by Agustín Morán (2h, 30m).

Venezuelan Magaly García dominated the women’ event with a time of 2h, 52m, 56s.

Second place went to Agudelo Palmenia (2h, 56m, 28s) and Lucía Reyes (3h, 08m, 24s).

Garcia, 28, who aims to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, spent three months in Panama preparing for the event.

Hundreds of runners participated on the route from the  Miramar  Intercontinental to via Israel, Panama Viejo, Costa del Este and back. The departure and the finish were located in the hotel parking lots.

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Rumor is they told the Ethiopian that there was a all you can eat buffet at the finish line and the Venezuelan that there was toilet paper in the bathrooms

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