ENTERTAINMENT: Hot And Spicy Cabaret

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By Margot Thomas

IT’S NAUGHTY, spicy, sweet and sexy… the superlatives tumble out of a press release from the Theatre Guild of Ancon (TGA)  promoting its latest performance.But behind the well-deserved gush, they can all be safely wrapped in the title of ” a titillating production by   Panama’s doyen of English theatre that has been entertaining  and startling audiences since 1950.

The New York Cabaret style show promises to live up to its moniker CABARET CALIENTE.  It results from a collaboration of Ingrid MacCartney and Keitha Kushner backed by a pool of talented performers, who over the years have always managed to deliver  even more than they promised.

There are up and coming newcomers too and even the chance to put a face to the voice with the appearance of Breakfast Show host  Gerry  D. a master of the fast riposte and timely pun.

There will be surprises a-plenty with each performance bidding to outshine those that have gone before with singing, dancing, skits, and guest appearances.

The press release forecasts sexy performers and not so sexy performers.  You the audience will decide, and as an additional incentive, there are even a limited number of premium seats on stage with bar service to bring you closer to the hot stuff.

Curtain Up at 8 pm, at the Theatre Guild in Ancon   Thursday through Saturday,May 17, 18, 19. May 24, 25, 26 and May 31m June 1, 2.

Tickets available on line!!  www.anconguild.com

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