Enough is enough say Via Argentina locals

716Views 0Comments Posted 09/09/2015

RESIDENTS in and around Via Argentina, one of Panama’s most cosmopolitan neighborhoods have had enough, and want action. They expressed their concerns and dissatisfaction in a meeting with the mayor’s that is part of the long promised renovation project for public spaces in the area.

Among their complaints were: Sidewalks turned into parking lots, dumpsters outside the private property line, stalls on the sidewalks and tangles of wires hanging from utility poles.
Resident Javier Peinado spoke of the poor condition of the sidewalks a complaint that, along with an enduring traffic snarl and lack of adequate parking could be echoed across the city.
Rimsky Sucre, who works in a medical clinic in the area, said that the area is “unique” because of its cosmopolitan nature, but one of the main problems is sewage that leaks on to the street.
David Tapia, of the architectural firm Tapia-Watson that has been hired to develop the project, said that the consultations objectives are to know the concerns of the population and then build a plan based on them.
Mayor Jose Blandon said that the work will be tendered next year.
In 2011, the firm Mallol & Mallol was hired to study the issue, but the contract was cancelled. Residents are calling for action not studies.