Emergency Ops Center storm warning

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A 72-hour storm warning was issued by The Emergency Operations Center (COE) of The Civil Protection  System  - Sinaproc- on Sunday afternoon, September 2.

The "monsoon trough over the country and the location of the semi-permanent low pressure or Colombian low increases the atmospheric instability and creates  favorable conditions for downpours with thunderstorms along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts."

According to the Sinaproc, the most intense rains will occur in the maritime region.

"It is expected that tropical waves will continue to travel through our regions, which is why there is high-risk for mountainous sectors, river banks and streams " the institution warned.

José Donderis, director of Sinaproc, called on the population to avoid activities put lives, at risk and to  be attentive to technical reports, avoid sharing false information and abide by instructions from the authorities.

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