More delays for US bound travelers

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AS THE US attempts to pull up its security drawbridge, passengers traveling from Panama to the United  States will need to arrive at Tocumen International Airport three hours before takeoff because of US security concerns says Alfredo Fonseca Mora, director of the Civil Aeronautics Authority.

He is referring to the new security measures implemented by the United States Department of Homeland Security for flights from 105 countries, including Panama.

Fonseca Mora said that the new measures are being applied worldwide because the US says it has detected, through intelligence, the need to increase the safety levels of the flights that go to that country.

Some of the measures that  Panama will adopt are:

- More rigorous reviews of travelers

- More rigorous detection of electronic devices that go with the passenger or in luggage.

- Reinforcement of security protocols around aircraft

- Installation of new equipment to detect situations that may have consequences or problems

[caption id="attachment_73807" align="alignleft" width="300"] No change for Europe bound planes[/caption]

He clarified that although these measures will be implemented in 200 airports in more than 100 countries, they are exclusively for flights whose destination is the United States.

Fonseca Mora said that the biggest review will be at the time of boarding the plane.

He also recommended that if US bound passengers who previously arrived at the airport two hours before their flight should now do so three hours in advance, and that when they arrive at the air terminal do not stay at the counter, but rather pass directly to the inspection post and then to the departure gate.

So far there is no ban  on taking technological items on flights to take them on flights.

Fonseca Mora said  that they are working fpn the implementation of these security measures in the coming weeks.