Cruise ship arrivals increasing

Pullamantur will dock every Friday

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The high season in Puerto Colón 2000 will increase this October with the arrival of 12  cruise ships reports the Panama Tourism Authority.

Among them are: Silver Cloud of the Silversea Cruises line; Zuiderdam,  of the Holland America line; Island Princess and Caribbean Princess of the Princess Cruises line.

During the season, which runs from October to May 2019,  about 153 cruises of the lines Holland America, Princess Cruise, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises.

They will be joined by the ships of  Aida Cruises, which have more than 10 years of docking in Puerto Colón 2000,  and this season contemplates making five visits.

Pullmantur disembarks every Friday with passengers, mostly, Mexicans, Costa Ricans, and Brazilians. The shipping company has already booked in until the year 2021, says the manager of Puerto Colón 2000, Fernando Alonso.

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Colon will take decades to clean up as there are too many groups and politicians that have their interests tied to keeping Colon dysfunctional. One of the reasons for the construction of the new cruise ship terminal at Amador.

Last year

And all those thousands of tourists will see Colon and think that is representative of Panama. They will never return. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression ! Clean the house before your guests arrive...

Last year
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