Court rejects Martinelli fugitive son appeal

Luis Enrique Martinelli

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Panama’s First Superior Court of Justice has denied an appeal presented by lawyers for Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, against the decision of the Twelfth Criminal Court to accept the appeal filed by the Public Ministry in order to complete the investigation of Odebrecht bribes.

The decision under the direction of   Judge Lilianne Ducruet- was based on the fact that a previous appeal with similar arguments- was presented by the banker Humberto De León, also investigated for Odebrecht bribes on January 5.  The Court did not grant the referral protection to De León,  and that ruling was subsequently confirmed by the plenary of the Supreme Court on April 5.

Both De León and Martinelli Linares -the son of former president Ricardo Martinelli- presented appeals against the decision of Judge Óscar Carrasquilla, who in a resolution of  Nov.  27 2017, granted the appeal filed by anti-corruption prosecutor Zuleyka Moore, against a decision of the  Twelfth  court, which - on October 25 - denied the extension of the investigation periods  qualification.  Since then, the investigations have been paralyzed.

Previously, Judge Carrasquilla had denied a request from Luis Enrique and his brother Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares not to be detained in the process and ordered them to appear for trial.

The whereabouts of the Martinelli Linares brothers are unknown, and an Interpol Red Alert for their arrest has been issued.

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