Costa Rica, Panama. best for doing business in Central America

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Costa Rica and Panama are the economies of Central America where entrepreneurs find it easier to develop business, followed by El Salvador and Guatemala, and in the last two places, Honduras and Nicaragua.

The World Bank announced the results of the Doing Business 2019 report, which measures the regulations that favor or restrict the development of business activity in different countries. Doing Business consists of quantitative indicators on business regulations and the protection of private property rights, comparable in 190 economies.

A rating close to 1 means that regulations in the field of business enable the opening of companies and their activities

After publishing in the 2018 report a slight improvement in the global ranking, going up from 62 to 61, in the last report Costa Rica worsened, falling from 61 to 67. However, the country is still the best positioned country in Central America.

Panama is the second ranked country in the region, as the global ranking registered no variations with respect to the previous year's report, remaining in 79th place. In the case of the global index, which refers to the rating the country receives according to the factors evaluated, a slight increase of 0.4% was reported between 2018 and 2019.

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They may be the "best" in the region -- but that's not saying much when compared to the top tiers. It always amuses me when any country thinks it's a bragging moment when they come out in the world's bottom 25 (or lower) ratings.

5 months ago
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