Copa Venezuela flights resume next week

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COPA AIRLINES  will restart flights from Panama to Venezuela next week says CEO and executive president of the airline, Pedro Heilbron.

The announcement on Friday, April  27 follows the patching up of relations between the two countries and the return of their ambassadors.

"We hope to renew flights as soon as possible  but that cannot be done overnight because those flights were canceled and right now there are no passengers with reservations, and we cannot fly empty planes, but we hope to restore  them  soon  and sell and reserve seats

Before the suspension there were  5 frequencies, three  from Caracas and Panama round trip, one for Valencia and another for Maracaibo.

Heilbron  told La Prensa that Copa cannot yet estimate  the losses that the interruption generated, but it was an important impact because the offices remained open and staff  continued operating.

Heilbron indicated that in total more than 900 flights were canceled corresponding to the three months in which the operation had to be suspended according to  the initial resolution of the Venezuelan Government.

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