Confusion over WYD resident passes

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Merchants and residents of Casco Viejo and others around the Cinta Costera are confused and upset about the accreditation process for passes to enter and leave the areas during  World Youth Day (WYD).

Although the event does not start until January  22, The Ministry of the Presidency has declared that from Friday, January 11 until January 28 Casco Viejo is a pedestrian area and all vehicles entering must be identified with a credential granted to residents, merchants, and suppliers. Those who are not accredited must park on Cinta Costera 3   and from there walk to Casco.

Betsy Morán, the lawyer of the Merchants Association of the old city, said that communication with the Institutional Protection Service,(SPI)  in charge of accreditations has been "difficult."

Residents bordering Avenida Balboa which, like the Cinta Costera will be closed for the celebration were told to apply for their passes at an SPI office on the Cinta Costera on January 7. The date was later moved to Jan 14, and now they have been told the passes will be issued on January 20 the day on which scores of thousands of pilgrims are set to arrive.



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Ramona Rhoades

There seems to be more security and restricted access around the pope than visiting presidents of countries. Strange that the authorities feel that the government thinks that more people would want to harm a holy man than want to harm a tyrant.

5 months ago
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