Colombias ex-presidents flip flop

Uribe signals a change of heart

438Views 2Comments Posted 02/08/2018

Former Colombia president Alvaro Uribe who last week announced his resignation from the country’s senate, had a change of heart on Wednesday, August 1 and wrote to the president of the legislative body asking him to cancel the resignation. In this way, Uribe will continue to enjoy the parliamentary protection granted by being a senator.Uribe presented his resignation to Congress President Ernesto Macías Tovar after the Supreme Court summoned him to testify in a case of alleged bribery and fraud.


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Richard Charron

In many cases, perhaps most, wannabe politicians view public service as the road to personal enrichment. Perhaps we should look to motive more attentively than personality and promises that will in most cases not be kept.

10 months ago

hillarious are there any ex presidents that are not corrupt that's right going through or in legal process - nextcwill be ex president mahama from Ghana africa whom stole through corruption over $509 million (had $150 million) in Mauritius at one stage ...ahhhh

10 months ago
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