City Hall puts brakes on increased parking rates

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With an election, only four months away and a host of voters outraged at reports of a whopping increase in parking meter rates Panama City Hall, led by Jose Isobel Blandon, who is running for president has slammed on the brakes.

On Wednesday, January 9, it was decided to put a stop to the increase and pass the buck to the next administration.

Through their Twitter account, they said that "the ongoing process will be suspended to open a space for further consultations and allow the incoming administration to take a final decision on the matter"

According to the highest authority, this decision arises after the many concerns expressed by citizens regarding the concession contract for parking meters reports TVN News

The concession includes that the first year the maximum rate per hour is maintained at 50 cents plus  ITBMS.

But in the second year, the tariff regime will have a rate higher than 3 cents per minute in areas designated as blue zones. That is, to $1.80 per hour, with rates increasing for those who park longer

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