China to study Panama-Chiriqui rail link

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ON THE HEELS of the news that  Air China will be initiating two flights a week to Panama in March 2018, President Juan Carlos Varela announced  on Monday, November 20, that  an agreement  has been signed for China to carry out the pre-feasibility study of a  rail system  that would include a passenger and cargo train linking the provinces  of Panama and Chiriqui The president and his 60-plus delegation  of politicians  and businessmen traveled on Monday from Beijing city to Shanghai on a high-speed train.

In  a keynote  speech at Renmin University of China where he was awarded an honorary doctorate and appointed as an honorary adviser to the university's Center for Latin American Studies Varela pledged to “enhance pragmatic cooperation in all fields with China and  play an active part in the Belt and Road endeavor (the plan to replicate the  recently completed China to London road-rail link, with a link running from South America to Alaska)

"The Belt and Road Initiative is a very good one. It will connect all the ports, airports among various countries to achieve connectivity and common development of all countries. Panama, the first Latin American country to support the initiative, will actively participate in it," said Varela.   He also pledged firm adherence to the one-China principle.

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Connecting this country will have an enormous impact on so many fronts. It could be one of those infrastructure projects that brings untold prosperity for the people. Now the challenge to keep it corruption-free from politicians so that everything goes into the project not to compromise the quality. Hope China proceeds and prospers, hope Panama enjoys the reality of a well-designed/built system, and hands are kept clean all around. Too much to hope for?

3 years ago
Ramona Rhoades

I wonder if Japan was approached to offer a plan? They have the most efficient, absolutely on time system in the world. And it has been so for many years. And It was not built in an economy controlled by a repressive regime.

3 years ago

Good move by panama to work with china on the one belt one road project . Being tied to more markets will only help the locals plus if china builds this train that will be great for the peiple and country .and also being a freight train is super because of the produce being grown up near the CR border

3 years ago
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