From China honeymoon to homespun problems

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WHILE President, Juan Carlos Varela and his inflated entourage of ministers are celebrating the signing of 19 agreements in China, civil society in Panama is making sure that he has urgent matters to deal with when he returns to his desk.

The Odebrecht scandal is front and center with expanding  allegations of bribery money being funneled to the coffers of the Panemenista Party, headed by his brother, Deputy “Popi” Varela. accused of lobbying for the Brazilian construction company which continued to receive billions of dollars in contracts from the current administration while  Brazilian authorities were uncovering a network of illegal payments across Latin America.

On Friday,  the China signing was eclipsed by an expose by NBC and Reuters, of the key players in the construction and selling of the Trump Ocean Towers While the report might  attract more wheeler-dealers to  the country, its portrayal of Panama as a haven for money laundering through real estate  is a red flag for genuine investors.

Adding to the problem folders in the presidential in-basket is an open letter from at least 10 civil society organizations expressing  their concern about the "serious deterioration" in the management of the Ministry of Environment (Miambiente).

Questioning the  administration of the Minister of Environment, Emilio Sempris, over possible concessions to developments in protected areas such as the Wildlife Refuge of  Islas de Cañas, in Los Santos, Donoso, in Colón and  Mata Oscura, in Veraguas, where there are complaints about  concessions for tourist developments without technical studies,  the  NGO’s   have asked  Varela, to intervene before it is too late  '... and They refer to the "silence" of the entity on the subject of protected areas.

The letter  says: “We ask that you urgently request the Minister to take strong, effective and consistent actions in order to avoid further breakdown of the environmental institutional framework of the country and the lack of protection of protected areas and ecosystems.”

Sempris, says that he has scheduled a meeting with civil society groups for next week. It may be too late to save his head. His hope for survival is that the president is not renowned for making quick decisions  and while he was away the inbox filled with problems that may be considered more urgent, and the environment folder can be moved to “pending”

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Say what you will about how China did the construction of National Stadium. The location was Costa Rica’s decision fully aware of parking availability. Chinese workers were brought in to avoid theft of tools, to avoid labor problems and to finish project on time and within budget. Did you hear reports of any “corruption” as is common in almost every Latin American project. I lived there at the time and didn’t until the project was finished and handed over to Costa Rica, then the “fun” began. Don’t know too much on the water problem but knowing how CR operates, they agree and shake hands so freely at the beginning and then start adding demands as things move forward. Suspect housing for visiting teams was one of their add-ons after plans wew approved and work completed to a point that water was not so easy to integrate. Joke in Costa Rica: an agreed contract (signed, sealed with handshakes and all) is considered a starting point for negotiations. China probably got frustrated with the cultural differences in the two countries

Last year

Also do research on the National Stadium China built in Costa Rica a few years ago. China brought in all their own laborers, materials, food etc. Even built housing for their laborers. This stadium, when finished would seat 35,000 fans. Unfortunately, they only had parking for 400 autos. Plus, no water to the top floor where visiting teams were to be housed!

Last year

Panama made a big mistake abandoning Taiwan for the communist juggernaut. China is only in it for themselves, the ¨Belts and Roads¨ initiative will ruin environments around the globe. SAD!

Last year

Know this. China will hire only local labor. Chinese will manage - supervise all work. Local engineers are out. For reference research their oil drilling in Africa. There will be no honeymoon.

Last year
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