Panama Chamber of Commerce endorses President Xi visit

HOURS before the arrival in Panama of the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi, Panama’s  Jinping,  the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) gave his visit an enthusiastic endorsement.

According to the Chamber’s weekly bulletin, the current standing of China in the global scene does not cause any surprise, because the country has accumulated some of the most advanced, surprising and transcendental achievements in the history of humanity. Thus, China’s current preponderant role relates to a trajectory marked by thousands of years of existence.

For the business association, Panama could not remain oblivious to this reality, and the establishment of full relations with Beijing, a timely decision of the national government, was greeted with a virtually unanimous thumbs up by the Chamber. which brings together in a representative manner the private business effort of the country,  which has supported the government’s decision which it sees as furthering the most strategic interests of Panama.

The bulletin says that the Cciap works in building bonds of friendship and understanding

between Chinese and local businessmen, “in the perspective of a dynamic cooperation that expands the

frontier of the opportunities for the diverse productive sectors of our country. In this context, is framed, the attention with which we follow the negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement with China in order to be highly beneficial for Panama.”