Casco Viejo open to public during WYD say merchants

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Mixed messages from the World Youth Day(WYD) Organizers,  about mobility routes during the event coupled with a  perceived reduction in the numbers of pilgrims attending, has led merchants in Casco Viejo  to issue an announcement  on Saturday, January 18  that they will not be closed to the general public

They said that pedestrians, private vehicles, taxis, Uber and tour buses will be able to circulate around the old city through the coming week, except on  Thursday and Friday when Pope Francis is in the area.

They also reported that as of Monday, January 21, the only access to Casco Viejo will be through Avenida A (El Chorrillo) and exit through Avenida B, and visitors should remember that the parking lots of Cinta Costera 3 and streets surrounding the old city may be full reports TVN Noticias.

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Thanks for clarifying !

7 months ago
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